Top 10 Best Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet for 2020

Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet

Are you looking for the best chair mat for high pile carpet in 2020? If so, this article would help you in choosing the right chair mat for your home or office out of so many. Choosing the right chair mat for your office is important because it protects your carpet from damages. When you move your chair on the carpet, it ruthlessly damages the delicate microfibers of your carpet and makes it look so bad. Not only this but the damaged carpets also negatively affect the aesthetics of your place.

At the same time, it becomes so hard for you to move your chair over the high pile carpet without a chair mat. The wheels of the computer chair get sink into the threads of the carpet and propose maximum resistance against any movement. Not only this, but the absence of a chair mat can also damage the wheels of your chair and cost you more by buying a new one.

Therefore, it is important to invest in a good chair mat that allows you to move freely and smoothly on your carpet without causing any damages. You would find a great variety of chair mats in the market but buying the wrong type of mat won’t serve the purpose. Therefore, it is important to learn a little about the best chair mats for high pile carpets before you choose one.

Moreover, you must have an idea about the proper chair mat buying guide so that you can choose the right type of chair mat for your carpet.

Best Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet – updated December 2020

To help you out, this article offers you a bulk of valuable information about the best chair mat, the buying guide, and some important FAQs. So, let’s start with a detailed review of the top 10 best chair mats for high pile carpets that you may choose.

1. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

This outstanding chair mat comes with the most incredible features for maximum protection. It assures high impact resistance on all types of carpets, either high pile or low pile. Additionally, this adorable chair mat never curls up and allows you to maintain stability and protective rolling movements over it. Along with these features, this chair mat is easy to clean within seconds. You won’t need to have any harsh chemicals to get the clear shiny surface but it offers chemical-free cleaning.

In many cases, the soft and delicate fibers of carpets get damaged due to using computer chairs on them. To protect your carpet, this chair mat is a must-have because it offers deep protection against wheel based damage. Furthermore, it is the safest to use with no inbound harsh compounds such as lead, tin, cadmium, and phthalates. Being fully odorless also makes it a top choice for anyone’s home or office.

  • High impact resistance over high pile carpet
  • No-curl easy rolling surface for easy and quick movement
  • Anyone can easily clean this adorable chair mat without the need for chemicals for clear shine
  • Protects your computer chair from wheel-based damage or carpet/rug from damage
  • Offers long-life protection and durability over the years
  • By using this chair mat, you will never have any stability issues with your chair
  • Completely odorless and free of lead, tin, and phthalates
  • Not scratch resistant.

2. Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat, 36″

This incredible tempered glass chair mat is made up of clear tempered glass that brings more aesthetics to it. Along with its clear and sparkling shine, its long-lasting smoothness makes it more appealing to everyone. This smoothness is due to its ability to be scratch resistant over the course of years. Thus, no matter how heavily you use this chair mat, it would always give you a smooth ride over it.  It’s clear and smooth surface won’t offer any resistance or jerky movements to your chair wheels. Due to this, your chair wheels can easily roll over it for the long run without any damage.

Additionally, this chair mat is designed for all types of carpets and flooring options. No matter whether you have a hard or tiled floor or any type of carpet, this chair mat would give a perfect fit to all surfaces. Not only this but cleaning this mat is super easy. You would need only a damp washcloth to perfectly clean its surface within seconds. However, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty that might cause you an issue if something goes wrong with this mat.

  • A crystal clear tempered glass material construction
  • Long-lasting smoothness due to scratch-free glass material
  • Easy to clean with a simple washcloth or wipes. No need to use any harsh chemical-based formula for crystal clear shine
  • Simple to use and easy un-keep design
  • You can use it on any type of floor or any carpet
  • Allows chair wheels to easily roll on it
  • Comes with high durability
  • Limited warranty
  • Not odor-resistant

3. Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors Polycarbonate Transparent

Due to its containing high-quality polycarbonate granules, it is one of the extra strong and ultra-clear chair mats. Commonly available chair mats in the market come with a 100000 loading cycle capacity when it comes to durability and bearing weights. However, this outstanding chair mat beat this competition with its ability of 200000 loading cycles that guarantee its durability and firmness. Another impressive feature of this chair mat is that it doesn’t require any repositioning again and again. Only after setting it at any carpet for one time, it would stay there as it is without misplacing.

Moreover, it won’t interrupt the beauty of your space because it is ultra-clear and won’t hide the hues and design of your carpet. Whenever you order this for your place, it would come in a ready-to-use position. You would only need to unbox it and start using it without any uncurling or straightening. Finally, it is environmentally safe and doesn’t contain any toxic agents or harmful compounds.

  • Ultra-clear chair mat with super strong texture.
  • Unlike chair mats of other brands, it is highly durable as it can withstand 200000 loading cycles
  • Once you place it on the carpet, it strongly sticks to it and eliminates the need to reposition it every day.
  • Its wheels promise smooth and easy movement without jerks or cracks
  • Its ultra-clear surface makes the colors and hues of the carpet clearly visible without any vagueness.
  • It comes in a straight form so that you can start using it in the same minute without the need for straightening.
  • Moreover, this chair mat is environmentally safe to use as it is free of phthalates and any other toxic compounds.
  • Not scratch resistant
  • You cannot fold or unroll it if it is not in use.

4. Crystal Clear 1/5″ Thick 47″ x 35″ Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat

As compared to the other chair mats, it is one of the heaviest and the thickest one. Due to this feature, it won’t slip off from its place and you wouldn’t have to set it several times a day. The best thing about this chair mat is that it serves a dual purpose, i.e. equally good for hard floors, carpets, and rugs. Even if you use it on high piles carpet, this chair mat would give you the best results. The MuArts upgraded version used in this chair mat keeps it crystal clear and doesn’t hinder the pattern of rug/carpet.

In addition, this adorable chair mat can easily withstand approximately 1200lbs of pressure/weight. For this reason, it is one of the most durable, long-lasting, and heavy-duty chair mats with 0.2 inches’ thickness. Its free 12 months’ warranty also gives you more confidence and peace of mind by choosing this mat. Furthermore, this mat is completely free from toxic agents, compounds, and environmentally unsafe materials. It also doesn’t produce any tangy odor that may make anyone feel bad.

  • Heaviest and thickest chair mat with 0.2 inches’ thickness.
  • The heavy-duty and durable mat that can withstand 1200lbs pressure.
  • Odorless and non-toxic material that offers the safest and harmless user experience
  • This chair mat is as transparent as crystal clear glass
  • Its 12 months’ warranty proves that this chair mat won’t cause any issue and would make you proud of this purchase.
  • It is a dual-purpose chair mat that you can use for both the hard floor and high pile carpets.
  • You cannot fold or curl it for later use.
  • Its material is not scratch-free.

5. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat 60″ x 48 for Plush Pile Carpets

The Floortex polycarbonate chair mat is exclusively designed for the plush pile carpets. This mat enhances the aesthetics of your carpet and makes your place look more interactive and sophisticated with its design. The transparent design of this mat makes sure that it doesn’t hide the texture, print, and colors of your carpet. Moreover, this chair mat gives a smooth finish to the wheel of your chair and prevents any damages. It also protects itself from crack and scratches even as a result of heavy use. Another amazing benefit of this chair mat is that it stays odor-free and highly resistant to heat as well as water.

Along with these features, it is also completely safe for the environment due to containing non-toxic material. There are no chemicals and toxic agents in its construction and this property also keep it safe for the children and pets in your home. For high pile carpets, it effectively maintains stability and offers you safe and secure movements.

  • Very sophisticated and transparent design
  • Free from cracks and damages
  • Resistant to heat and water
  • It assures smooth firmness for the wheels
  • Offers a smooth surface to the chair wheels and doesn’t make them sink.
  • This adorable chair mat doesn’t produce any odor and discoloration to your place.
  • 100% environmentally safe with no chemicals and toxic materials inside.
  • Child and pet safe
  • Assures high stability on high pile carpets
  • This chair mat doesn’t curl up and you can’t roll it.

6. Resilia Office Desk Chair Mat with Lip – for Carpet

Resilia chair mats are famous for offering high protection to your floor and high pile carpets. The most distinctive feature of this chair mat is that it comes in a great variety of colors and a number of sizes. In contrast to other types of mats that are available in just one color, you can bring a variety of hues with this chair mat to your place. The most fantastic feature of this chair mat is that it offers long-lasting durability and an extended lifetime. For daily and heavy use, this chair mat is the best choice as it doesn’t tear out or deform easily.

On top of everything, this mat is eco-friendly and made up of recyclable materials such as vinyl. Moreover, the Resilia chair mat is free from phthalates and doesn’t contain any damaging contaminants. In addition, this mat also doesn’t catch any scratches and cracks that further enhance its durability.

  • Protects your carpet from everyday wear and tear and rough use.
  • Long-lasting durability with an extended lifespan
  • 100% eco-friendly construction
  • Free from harmful contaminants and phthalates
  • Made up of safe and recyclable materials
  • Excellent repellent to scratches and cracks
  • Designed to fit in any space
  • Available in a number of sizes and colors
  • Not odor resistant
  • Not water resistant

7. OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet, 36″ x 48″, Clear

This OFM ESS collection chair mat is known as a highly durable chair mat with maximum carpet protection. With this chair mat, you won’t need to worry about your high pile carpet as it won’t let it damage from chair wheels. Furthermore, the ramped edges of this chair mat promote quick and easy roll-on/off movements. By choosing this chair mat, you would be amazed by seeing the enhanced ergonomics of your place.

Moreover, the tiny studded texture at the bottoms side of this mat works great in firmly keeping the mat stick to the high pile carpet. These studs go deep into the carpet and lock the chair mat from moving from its side. In this way, you won’t have to rearrange or reset it at the desired place after every short interval or every morning. In addition, the sturdy texture of this chair mat promises non-slip movements to provides maximum safety.

  • High in durability
  • Offers maximum carpet protection
  • Ramped edges make this easy to roll on and roll-off
  • It promotes the ergonomics of your carpet/floor
  • With this chair mat, you would never worry about the slip-offs
  • The texture of the mat won’t interrupt the chair wheels’ movement
  • The studded texture from the bottom of this chair mat firmly keeps it in its place
  • This plastic mat is not odor resistant.
  • Excessive heat may cause damage to this mat

8. Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors – Heavy Duty- 48×36

This heavy-duty office chair mat is a must-have due to its several admirable features. On top of everything, this chair mat is odor-free which is a very good thing if you are buying one for your personal room or office. It won’t produce any bad smell in your room and thus, won’t make you feel or smell bad. Moreover, it comes with tiny studs at its bottom surface. The purpose of these tiny studs is to firmly and securely keep the mat at its place without sliding or moving. Along with it, the upper side of the mat is smooth and assures the smoothest movement of your chair wheels. It also prevents the wheels of your chair from sinking into the mat due to its smooth but firm surface.

Additionally, this chair mat promises to maintain a healthy and hygienic indoor environment at your place. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals or compounds used in its construction but it contains only recyclable materials. Therefore, this mat is safe to use and proposes no harm to the environment. Furthermore, you can easily clean it by using only water. There is no need of using harsh chemicals and strong cleaning agents to get a clear look but they will leave an adverse impact on it.

  • Heavy-duty chair mat with no bad or tangy odor
  • This chair mat doesn’t slip or slide
  • This thick mat gives no curling issues and no bending at all
  • The surface of this mat is smooth and prevents your chair wheels from sinking into it
  • The studs at the bottom firmly hold the mat over the carpet and keep it in its place.
  • Maintains a healthy indoor environment by its completely environmentally safe nature.
  • By using only water, you can easily clean this chair mat. You won’t require to buy expensive cleaning liquids to get proper shine and spotless surface.
  • Using chemicals or any such harsh cleaning detergent may cause cracks to this chair mat

9. Dimex 46″x 60″ Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet

This mat provides a smooth top surface to your chair wheels so that you can easily move here and there or to and fro over it. Not only this, but this mat is also odor resistant so won’t create any poor odor inside. Along with being odor resistant, it is also water-resistant and won’t let your carpet get the moisture if you accidentally spill water on the mat. Additionally, this mat assures a perfect fit for the large executive chairs due to its special design.

Another impressive benefit of this incredible Dimex chair mat is that it smoothly blends with your interior décor. Its transparent and ultra-clear surface doesn’t hide or interact with the hues and colors of your interior. Instead, it let them visible and enhances the appearance of your indoor décor. Along with this, the incredible Dimex mat comes with the Greenguard certificate which proves that this mat is free from any harm causing agent or compound. For example, it doesn’t contain lead, BPA, or phthalates, etc. moreover, it is also free from any chemical compounds or any such material. You can easily buy and get this chair mat for your place within days in any size that fits your interior needs.

  • It comes with a smooth top surface that supports smooth wheel movement
  • Blends with your interior décor
  • Non-toxic, odor-resistant
  • This chair mat is Greenguard certified
  • Phthalates and BPA-free
  • The Dimex chair mat is water, stain, and heat resistant.
  • Comes with the one-year warranty
  • The rectangular design of this mat makes it perfectly fit for the large executive chairs
  • Comes in different sizes so that you can easily choose the one you need.
  • You cannot use it on the hard floors
  • It is not good for those carpets that are thicker more than ¼ inches.

10. Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat for Carpeted Floor

The Gorilla Grip Premium chair mat is made up of polycarbonate material that guarantees no wheels sinking over it. It is one of the thickest mats with about 3mm thickness and the highest strength. Due to being strong and tough, it goes in the long run even after heavy use on daily basis. To assure maximum hold, the downside of this mat contains small studs that go deep into the fibers of the carpet. These studs firmly stick with the microfibers of the carpet and prevent any shaking or sliding. In this way, they give you peace of mind and a hassle-free user experience without worrying about rearranging the mat again and again.

Furthermore, this mat is a top-hit due to its scratch-free material. No matter how rough and tough you use this mat, it won’t get the cracks and scratches. Instead, it would protect your carpet the damages and tears. In addition, the extended lid of this mat provides extra protection to the carpet under the table and protects it from damages. It does only protect your carpet from damages but also gives smooth wheels’ movements. Last but not least, this mat comes in a straight and flatform with no need to unrolling or straightening. In this way, it saves your time in straightening the mat for hours to get an ideal flat mat surface over your carpet.

  • This incredible chair mat is 100% polycarbonate that prevents the chair wheels from sinking
  • It is approximately 3mm thick and super strong and tough chair mat
  • Its design is clear and absolutely transparent with small studs at the bottom side for maximum hold
  • The extended lid of this chair mat promises extra protection by fitting under the desk area as well
  • This incredible mat doesn’t catch scratches from wheels’ movement but assures smooth moves.
  • Upon shipping, you will get it in the straight and ready-to-use form with no rolling or curling.
  • Strongest and durable chair mat that would make you proud of it
  • It cannot be rolled. Even at the time of delivery, you get a large parcel of open or flat mat that you will have to keep as it is forever.

Buying Guide- How to choose a chair mat for high pile carpet?

It is not easy to choose and buy a perfect chair mat for a high pile carpet if you have no knowledge about how to choose the one. For this purpose, this buying guide for choosing a chair mat for high pile carpet would help you a lot. Before you decide to purchase a chair mat for your home or office, make sure to look into the following important points first.

Type of carpet/floor

To buy the right chair mat, it is crucial that you must have a good idea about the type of carpet on the floor inside your home/office. If you are looking for a chair mat for your study room or office, you must evaluate your floor or carpet type in that space. Just like the varying types of floors, the carpets also come in great variations. Some of the carpets are high pile, while others are medium or low pile. Some carpets are plush type while others are more flat type. Therefore, you must have a clear idea about which type of carpet/floor you have before moving to the next step.

Size of the work area

Once you know your carpet/floor type, now it’s time to analyze the size of your work area. Check if the size is big enough to give some room to the chair mat? For larger spaces or larger work areas, keeping a chair mat won’t be an issue. However, for smaller spaces, the chair mat may or may not be a good option. For this purpose, you must also look into the orientation of your furniture. You must find out if there is enough space to place a chair mat or not.

Size of the chair

If your home or office room has enough space for the chair mat, then look into the size of the chair that you are using. Some chairs come in regular sizes while others are quite bigger and executive ones. For regular chairs, any type of mat with a normal size would be a good option. However, you must have to buy a larger chair mat if your chair is larger in size. It is important because your chair must have enough area of mat to move around easily and freely.

The thickness of the carpet

Now, move ahead towards measuring out the thickness of your carpet. For this purpose, you would need to have a paper clip and a measuring tape. Check out the method of measuring the thickness of any carpet and follow the steps. For measuring the thickness of a high pile carpet, the method has been discussed in the FAQs section at the end of this article. If you already know the thickness of your carpet, you don’t need to measure it again. However, make sure to check if your chosen chair mat is designed to support the thickness of the carpet for that you are buying the one.

Chair mat lip

It is also important to check if the chair mat has an extended lip or not. The most common mistake that many people make is that they buy a chair mat that has no lip or no extended section. This lip or extended mat section is important to cover the carpet area that is under your table. In the absence of the chair mat lip, when you insert the chair inside the table while closing the work, it would damage your underneath carpet. However, a chair mat lip would prevent that part of the carpet from damages too and effectively enhance its lifespan.

Smoothness and clarity

You must also make sure that the top surface of the chair mat is smooth and clear or not. Always choose a chair mat that offers the maximum smoothness and is highly transparent. Being smooth is important for a chair mat so that it won’t cause any resistance to your chair wheels while moving. At the same time, being transparent is important so that it won’t affect the beautiful and catchy patterns and hues of your carpet or floor.


This one is, in fact, the most important feature because if your chair mat would produce a bad smell, it would become hard for you to continue work. Your mat must be odor-resistant so that you can easily sit on the chair over it and continue your work for hours. While choosing your mat, make sure to check if it is odor-free or not. If this feature is not mentioned on the product, make sure to double-check everything again.

Heat and water-resistant

Being resistant to heat and water is also crucially important for a chair mat. If your mat is not heat resistant, it won’t withstand the extreme temperatures and may cause you damage. Similarly, if your chair mat doesn’t resist water, it would do more harm to your underneath floor or carpet. If your carpet keeps absorbing the moisture from your chair mat through spills, it would produce a poor smell and would tear out shortly. It may also provide a good habitat for the fungi and bacterial growth under the carpet surface that may risk your health.

9. Crack and scratch-free

Along with all these features, also keep in mind that your chosen mat must also be crack and scratch-free. If this quality is not present in a chair mat, it would soon go out of its original appearance and start looking bad. Thus, it would also leave a negative impact on the beauty of your space and make it look dull and messy due to cracks and scratched mat.

100% Ecofriendly

Another vital thing to focus on while buying a chair mat is to double-check if it is eco-friendly or not. Your mat must be 100% environment friendly and free from all types of chemicals, toxins, and harmful compounds. Your chair mat should not contain any harsh or unhealthy materials and must be free from phthalates and related agents. It is important because, in this way, you would be able to enjoy a safe and healthy environment inside your place.

Durability and stability

Furthermore, a chair mat must also be highly durable and offers full stability and security. It must be made up of high strength materials that enhance its lifetime. Additionally, the chair mat should also offer stable movement and won’t allow the wheels of the chair to sink or go deep inside the carpet.


Last but not least, the chair mat must also come up with at least 12 months’ warranty. This is the way to protect your money from being wasted because a 12-month warranty itself is a guarantee that the chair mat is of high quality. With this warranty, you can easily replace your mat if something goes wrong with it within the warranty period. However, if there is no warranty with a chair mat, you would have to invest more money in buying a new mat instead of getting free repairs or replacements from the company. Therefore, make sure to look into all of these things to end up buying a perfect and the best chair mat for your space.

Best Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet- FAQ

1. How to measure the thickness of the carpet?

Measuring the thickness of the carpet is a very simple and easy task. To do so, take a paper clip and insert or sink it into the carpet. Keep sinking it until it reaches the floor surface beneath the carpet. Hold the paper clip with your fingers at a point where the top surface of the carpet starts. Then take out the clip from the carpet and measure the distance from the point where you are holding the clip till its end. This would give you the exact measurement of the thickness of your carpet.

2. What are the advantages of using the chair mats?

Using the most reliable and the best chair mat can offer you the following advantages.

  • It protects the wheels of the chair from being broken or damaged.
  • The use of a chair mat protects your carpet from damages, spills, tears, and deformations.
  • Moreover, it also allows you to move your chair smoothly and freely without any resistance on the carpet.
  • A good chair mat also supports the ergonomics of your space and enhance its aesthetics.
  • In addition, it also increases the overall lifespan of your carpets and floors.


3. How to choose the best chair mat for a high pile carpet?

Choosing the best chair mat for a high pile carpet is not a difficult task if you have good knowledge about the floor type, mat size, and mat shape. Before you visit the market or surf on the internet to buy one, make sure to read some of the reviews about top chair mats for high pile carpet. Additionally, make sure to read the above-discussed buying guide for choosing the best chair mat for a high pile carpet. While choosing the best chair mat for your high pile carpet, look into the main features of a good chair mat. If your chosen chair mat possesses all or most of the features of a good mat, you must buy it for your home/office.



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